We are actually interested in building a hosting relationship with our clients instead of just providing a place to store your website.

This means that we will take the time to understand your web needs and configure our servers to run accordingly. Some of the ways we do this are:

Focusing on web hosting and not e-mail hosting.

Mail servers tend to bog down the machines they run on depending on traffic and size. You don't want your pages to crawl because someone is sending a huge attachment or somehow infected their computer with a worm virus. There are a number of good and inexpensive e-mail providers out there, and we are happy to help you get something set up with one of them.

Smart system engineering.

On some of our more processor-intensive program features like the De-duper or Newsletter Manager, we've created background processes that do most of the work off-line. This balances the load on the server and lets you go on with your day while your server works for you.


Good customer service.

You'd think this would go without saying, but it's really hard to find these days. Many web tech companies structure their support so that you spend most of your time with a customer service rep who really doesn't know anything about the servers they are supporting or the sites on them. We offer our servces at a slight premium so that we end up with a limited number of customers who are well taken care of.



We take a "hacker's eye view" when building applications or maintaining our servers. This means using a firewall and locking down unnecessary ports. It also means running a limited number of applications on a server and patching them frequently.

Dedicated Servers

We can build out a dedicated virtual server to meet your needs.  Depending on your specifications, the average server would be $220 a month billed quarterly and would include nightly backup of the data and files, updated software and security patches, dedicated SSL certificate, and up 2 hours of monthly maintenance on your website.


All of our servers use Linux with Apache web server, PHP programming language, and MySQL database.  We will install other software as needed or upon request but prefer to take a bare-bones approach to maximize the security and efficiency of the server.